Professional Services Offered by Jim Hopper, Ph.D.

Professional Experience in Brief

I am a consultant, therapist and researcher with a doctorate (Ph.D.) in clinical psychology, and Teaching Associate in Psychology at Harvard Medical School.

I have studied the effects of child abuse and other traumas, and have expertise in several related areas. These include issues unique to men, perpetration of violence, the nature of traumatic memories, the brain bases of emotion regulation problems, and how mindfulness and meditation can benefit both therapists and their clients. I give consultations, workshops and talks on these and other topics.

I also provide forensic services on cases involving child abuse trauma, recovered memories, PTSD, mitigation, and other issues.

As a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Massachusetts, for over 15 years I have been a therapist to men and women abused in childhood, providing individual and group treatment. I received specialized post-doctoral training in the treatment of psychological trauma at The Trauma Center of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, which has an internationally recognized clinic and training program.

For much more detail, see my CV.

Below are brief descriptions of my services: forensic services, workshops, webinar trainings, talks, and consultations.

Forensic Services

I provide forensic services on cases involving child abuse trauma, recovered memories, PTSD, mitigation, and other issues. Services include assessment of clients, report/declaration writing, and trial testimony. Capital cases are a specialty.

I am very good at communicating expert knowledge and opinions in written and spoken language that is lucid and compelling to lawyers, judges and jury members. References are available upon request.

Please email inquiries to and include "forensic" in the subject line.


As a highly engaging and interactive presenter, I communicate very effectively with therapists and other professionals who serve or encounter traumatized people in their work, including police officers, prosecutors, and commanding officers in the military.

I offer ½- to 5-day workshops on a variety of topics related to PTSD, child abuse trauma, and meditation including:

  • Biological bases of psychological trauma and PTSD
  • How trauma and PTSD shape memories of assault, and implications for getting accurate testimony
  • How mindfulness and meditation can benefit both therapists and their clients
  • Unique experiences and challenges of traumatized men, and implications for treatment
All workshops incorporate lectures, small and large group discussions, and activities that promote experiential learning.

My next scheduled open workshop is:

Examples of feedback I've received:

"Dr. Hopper's workshop gave my membership cutting edge information in an entertaining and experiential manner that earned him the highest of evaluations by our participants. He provides a perfect balance of theory, practice, and research. I highly recommend this workshop to all clinicians."

Jeffrey Weir
Past President, New Hampshire Mental Health Counselors Association
Senior Partner, Organizational Resilience International, LLC
(Referring to 1-day workshop for mental health professionals)

"Dr. Hopper's presentation for law enforcement officers and prosecutors was full of practical information that will allow the participants to work more effectively with victims of domestic and sexual violence. His relaxed presentation style put everyone at ease, encouraging them to make connections not only to how trauma is important to people who have been victimized, but to their own responses to traumatic events they experience and how they resonate with victims' responses. His language and examples were clear, accessible, and did not feel 'clinical' or 'academic.' Participants gained an understanding of how experiencing violence can result in fragmentary and inconsistent memories, and through a combination of conceptual and experiential learning, the officers learned to respond as effectively as possible to victims, thus increasing their ability to get the best possible statements from them."

Abby Tassel
Assistant Director, WISE
(Referring to 1-day workshop for law enforcement officers and prosecutors)

"Jim provided a journey that started with basic science and research material, progressed to clinical applications, and culminated with mindfulness and lovingkindness practices that illuminated the spirituality and compassion which can be embraced in clinical practice. Only a very skilled scientist, clinician and student of spirituality could weave such an exquisite narrative of science, awareness and compassion. What Jim taught will come home with me and find its rightful place in my therapeutic relationships."

Sharon Cirone
Primary Care Physician & Psychotherapist
(Referring to 5-day workshop Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Yoga for Transforming Trauma and Addiction)

Please email inquiries to and include "workshop" in the subject line.

Webinar Trainings

For those who can't attend an in-person training, or don't want to wait, I offer individual and small-group webinar trainings. Participants are clinicians, meditation and yoga teachers, or other professionals.

With everyone on a conference call, I present slides (that all see on their screens), answer questions and lead discussions. Participants also receive handouts, articles, assessment materials and other resources.

Trainings are typically delivered in four to six 2-hour blocks, spaced over several weeks. Participants have the option of additional one-on-one time as well.

Available webinars depend on participant interest and my schedule. See workshops (above) for the kinds of topics available.

Please email inquiries to and include "webinar" in the subject line.


As noted above, I am a highly engaging and interactive presenter, and communicate clearly and effectively to professional and nonprofessional audiences.

I give talks on the same topics for which I provide workshops (see above).

Please email inquiries to and include "talk" in the subject line.

Individual Consultation

I work with male and female adults (18 or older), including parents, spouses and partners of people who have experienced childhood abuse or other traumas.

I am available for time-limited telephone consultation. That is, I offer knowledge, insights, and brief interventions that that can (a) help people understand their situation and sort through their options, (b) help people find good therapy or counseling, or (c) provide brief consultation to one's ongoing therapist (in cooperation with the therapist). I do this for people around the world.

My clients include people from early to later stages of recovery, who are seeking help with a variety of issues, including:

  • Understanding their unique needs and treatment options
  • Emotion awareness and regulation skills
  • Sexual and relationship difficulties
  • Processing of traumatic memories
  • Integrating mindfulness, yoga and similar practices into their lives

I draw on many theories and methods of treatment, including the 'stage model' of trauma treatment, mindfulness-based and cognitive-behavioral interventions, psychodynamic approaches to understanding self-limiting behaviors and relationship patterns, and Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to facilitate memory processing. All of my theoretical understandings and treatment methods are informed by wide-ranging knowledge of treatment and scientific advances, including my own research.

If you are interested in therapeutic consultation or treatment, please email me at and put "Consultation request" in the subject line.

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