Excerpts from the Redbook Article

Excerpts from the Redbook Article on Oral Sex

Redbook is a monthly women's magazine found on supermarket magazine racks and many newsstands. It is published by HomeArts, a company owned by The Hearst Corporation.

HomeArts has a site on the World Wide Web, where you may choose to visit online versions of a number of HomeArts magazines.

Clicking on the original adlink led to a Redbook table of contents page, and the clickable image below led directly to the story on oral sex technique.

Notice that this story is the only one indicated (with lynx, "Other Stories" is left out).

 LOVE & MARRIAGE  The Sex Skill Men Really Love

The format of the online article is described below. Then a few excerpts, including graphic language, are provided for educational purposes and to ensure the story has been accurately represented. (Citations will be made to the magazine copy, which has identical text.)

Just below the article's title is an italic heading:

"The one thing men adore is often the one thing women aren't sure they're good at. So we asked guys to tell us what they like. Then we asked girlfriends to share their techniques. Take a deep breath--" (Redbook, November, 1995, p.104).

Here's the opening paragraph of the article:

"Our daughter was going to spend Friday night at Grandma's house, and my husband called to confirm our romantic evening of fine dining and, of course, sex. Listening to his voice, I could almost taste the wine as I planned what I'd wear, matching bra and panties over just-shaved legs. But then a tiny worry began to grow in a corner of my mind. The nights our baby was out of the house came with an unspoken understanding, a promise really, that we would have foreplay that went far beyond French kissing. Sleepovers at Grandma's meant the whole enchilada--from massage to oral sex--and I had to prepare myself. The sad truth is that despite ten years of constant reassurance from my husband, I'm insecure about my ability to perform oral sex. My first lover teased me about my technique and told me my teeth were too close together (like I could change that!) and ever since, I've been convinced that when it comes to blow jobs, I'm a complete failure" (Redbook, November, 1995, p.104).

At the bottom of the article's first Web-page the reader can choose from links to three other pages of the article or a "Redbook Forum":

"So, How Do You Do It?"
"Do You Mind If I Ask Your Husband... "
"Ask the Doctor, the Tailor, and the Candlestick Maker"
"Redbook Forum: Talk About Sex and Marriage"

Here's the opening paragraph of the section, "So, How Do You Do It?"

"A few of my friends consider themselves masters of the art, so I figured I'd start with them. I took Marjorie, a 38-year-old mother of twins, to dinner and waited patiently until we'd finished a glass of wine before blurting, 'Please tell me the secret to great oral sex!' Marjorie paused, poured herself more wine, and said, 'My husband loves to be teased. He likes to be licked and then made to wait. Sucked and then made to wait. The better the buildup, the better the payoff.' She smiled like a cat. 'But you should talk to Sheila. She's more current'" (Redbook, November, 1995, p.106).

The article continues with the author recounting such conversations with various people. She describes techniques told to her by female friends. She writes of talking to men, including ex-boyfriends and her own female friends' boyfriends and husbands. The language gets even more explicit as the article progresses.

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